NORTH TEXAS MEDIATORS  – Our experienced attorney-mediators have over 60 years of collective trial and litigation experience. We employ innovative strategies to resolve your case.  All of our mediators are qualified under the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code Section 154.052(a) to conduct court-appointed mediation in civil litigation.  We mediate in Tarrant, Dallas, and Wise Counties. Both Mike Carnahan and Nancy Carnahan mediate in the offices of Carnahan & Carnahan PC in Southlake through Mike’s Mediations, and at the offices of Gilbert Mediation Group in Dallas, and in Decatur by appointment.  

What makes us different.

Many mediators are quick to declare an impasse; many even conduct two mediations at the same time. Often their focus seems to be on how many mediations they can conduct in a single day to maximize their income, with little regard for the outcome.  At North Texas Mediators, it is our goal is to provide innovative mediation solutions to resolve your case; our focus is on bringing your case to resolution.  We have mediated every manner of case and have an impressive record for bringing family law matters to final resolution.  We are committed to bringing your case to resolution during the time period you give us to work in.  We travel throughout Texas, most often without charge for travel, to bring our services to you.

Attorney-Spanish-Speaking Mediator

Nancy Carnahan

NANCY CARNAHAN graduated summa cum laude  from the University of Texas in 1986, and cum laude from The University of Texas School of Law in 1989, where she served as a member and editor of The Texas Law Review. She was licensed to practice in Texas in 1989 and has practiced in the area of civil litigation for more than 27 years.  Though she enjoys studying and learning about new areas of the law, her practice over the years has focused on personal injury, insurance, products liability, professional liability, commercial litigation, and more recently in the area of family law. In connection with her practice, for over 19 years, Nancy served as national coordinating litigation counsel to The Brinkmann Corporation for all of their products liability claims nationwide, selecting counsel and overseeing their lawsuits throughout the United States and Canada, and interfacing and cooperating with the Consumer Products Safety Commission on the company’s product recalls and consumer complaints.  Nancy is certified to conduct mediations in all civil lawsuits, has completed the Advanced Family Law mediation certification, and has received additional training and certification to conduct Child Protective Services Mediations as well.  She is a member of the Texas Association of Mediators, and is listed as a featured mediator on  Nancy speaks Spanish proficiently,  and is often called open to conduct mediations in Spanish, as both translator and mediator, where Spanish speaking clients are involved.

During late 2016 and 2017, Nancy has made mediation of family law cases a focus with an impressive success record.  She is committed to bringing family law matters involving both child custody and property division to final agreement, and has an impressive track record in reach full agreements in divorce cases involving complex property divisions, child custody arrangements, and child support.  She has assisted pro se divorce litigants committed to reaching a divorce agreement without excess cost or expense to reach their own agreements regarding custody and property division.

Attorney-Mediator Mike Carnahan

MIKE CARNAHAN  graduated with a degree in finance from the highly regarded School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin in 1980 and from the University of Texas School of Law in 1983.  Mike was licensed to practice law in Texas in 1983 and has over 33 years experience in civil trial law.  Mike is a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates, a prestigious organization of trial lawyers, whose membership requires documentation of at least 40 jury trials, as well as nomination and approval of a majority of existing member lawyers.  Mike has tried over a hundred jury trials in his career. His extraordinary level of trial experience and litigation of complex cases, brings a unique perspective to the mediation process.  Although his practice has had particular emphasis on handling insurance law, personal injury, premises liability, products liability, and institutional liability, Mike mediates all types of cases in many varied areas of law and also has experience as an umpire in insurance appraisals.  Mike is highly motivated to resolve your case and has the knowledge and experience to do so.

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