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Q: Can I mediate if I don’t have an attorney?

A: Yes, but you must recognize that the mediator is a neutral party who is there to facilitate the negotiate of an agreement and he/she cannot represent any of the parties in the mediation or provide specific legal advice. However, many parties, especially in divorce proceedings, choose to mediate without legal counsel to save on legal costs and often, with the assistance of a skilled mediator, they can work out the details of an agreement and avoid extended and costly litigation, or in the case of a divorce, can work out the details of a divorce decree which can then be presented to the court in connection with a divorce proceeding.

Q: Can I mediate a case if there is not an ongoing lawsuit?

A: Yes, many parties choose to mediate potential litigation before a lawsuit is filed, to explore whether an amicable resolution can be reached before the parties resort to what could be an expense lawsuit.